Welcome to AcuCentre

AcuCentre is the leading Chinese medicine service provider in the South Island, New Zealand.

At AcuCentre we believe that the integration of Western and traditional Chinese medicine meets the needs of people in the 21th Century.


We believe that there is no such thing as conventional or alternative medicine, instead the terms should be conventional and alternative cares.

In our view natural health care treatment is conventional, while chemicals and various surgeries are alternative treatments.

AcuCentre clinics do not only provide acupuncture treatment, but also provide Chinese medicines (mainly herbs), acupressure, massage and cupping therapy for health problems. We also offer advice and health initiative programmes on the issues, including sports injuries, Tai Chi and guidelines on healthy eating and cooking.

AcuCentre clinics offer professional and affordable quality service. Dedicated practitioners are more than happy to help clients to the best of our ability.

With our understanding of modern science and Chinese wisdom, we aim to help people lead healthy and prosperous lives.

For your interest, we are also operating a lavender farm and trading as New Zealand King Lavender Ltd. We manufacture pure lavender oil and many other lavender products, and they are available in all of our clinics.

You can visit https://www.nzlavender.com/ for more details

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