According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, life force flows throughout the body through a number of energy lines. These energy lines are grouped into 12 meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians, 15 major collaterals and a very large number of small collaterals distributed throughout the body.

Not only do the meridians and collaterals allow the life force energy to flow around the body, but they also connect the major internal organs to various tissues and organs on the outer surface (or superficial portion) of the body. This provides the body with an overall organic integrity.

Within the network of the meridians and collaterals, the meridians form the main trunks and pertain to their respective major organs. The collaterals and their minor branches carry and distribute energy and life force all over the body.

If an internal major organ does not work properly or its corresponding tissues and superficial organs are damaged or dysfunctional, stimulating specific points along the meridians can promote free flow of the life force energy and restore the normality and harmony.


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